Friday, 22 June 2018

Black Widows and Boudoir Dolls

The other year my dear friend Lindy Lou was bitten by a Black Widow spider.
She is fine and is still the crazy Olde Broad she has always been.
I am slightly sad that she hasn't become a Superhero though...
(Or has she, I mean, they have to keep their secret identity, well, secret don't they? mmmm)

So, I had this idea floating around my head, (usually in bed when I'm really trying to sleep), of creating a Boudoir Doll who was also a Victorian Mourning Doll.
Then after this horrific encounter with an arachnid (he he) I thought maybe I could also add Black Widow to the list of ideas.
After all, to the Victorians, more was most certainly...more.

So here she is in all her Gothic glory.
Mistress Charlotte (see what I did there?).
I thought that rather than make a 'spider' I would use the colours of the Black Widow instead. I also thought she would look nice with velvet and lace, who doesn't ?
She has big spider eyes which also look like she has been weeping, even spider widows cry.
'My my Charlotte, what big eyes you have...'
'Well, my dear, I am a Spider'

I love Mourning Dolls and the idea of a Victorian Spider Widow is just so absurd that I think she could get away with anything.
Hence, the hair...wild and pouffy...(my children think her hair is like Helena Bonham Carter's).
I have added a very soft veil, it's so soft to stroke...
I like being able to see through the veil to the world beyond, sorry I'm getting lost in metaphysical things again. :o)

She has really big feet, no idea why, I just love big feet (mine are not big, maybe I'm overcompensating?).
Maybe I just like my big dolls to be much bigger than my teeny dolls, so everything is bigger?
Who can say...

I hope Lindy Lou will not mind me using her encounter with the Black Widow in this way, but I'm sure that when she climbs down from the web in the corner of the ceiling, she will let me know :o)

So now comes the part any creative person has learned to love...
What will the next thing be?
We never know where or when that odd thought will prod us and the Muses will wake us from our dreams and demand we do something to satisfy their desires.
I'm not complaining though, I love the Muses.
How else could we turn something so nasty as a spider bite into a doll? :o)

I think it's time for some tea...

Thursday, 19 April 2018

Bobbing Along...

I have been swimming with mermaids, you don't believe me?
Okay then, I will show you a little proof...
Well, I didn't have a camera so I couldn't take a real photo of them but I did have a sketchbook and pencils and scribbled a few pictures, that still counts doesn't it?
So then I wanted to paint one of them, as she was so cute, so that you can swim with her too...come on in, the water is lovely and warm :o)
I thought I would show some of the actual painting and how it changes as I work.
This is also proves how often I change my mind!

Here is the first scribbly dauby part, getting her on the canvas with acrylic paints.
This tail is horrid please paint me a different one!
That tail just had to go!
So, with a dib and and a swipe she was given a nice new one, and also a couple of chums would be nice don't you think? Thank you...

Much better, and someone to wrap my pink hair around too :o)

I've decided she should be part Seahorse so gave her a curly tail, I'm still working things out here, not too much detail, in case anything needs moving.

Have you forgotten about the yellow seahorse?

Deepening the colours and stated to add bubbles...lots of bubbles.
Also, more pink hair.
I then paint the second seahorse and add a few more bubbles, because there weren't enough.

Do I look a little dreamy-eyed now?

So there they are, bobbing along at the bottom of the sea.
It shows how much you can change your mind about a painting as the ideas filter through.
I like her tail much more this way and her friends are just so adorable, who doesn't love little seahorses?

The finished painting, now off the easel and scanned in.
It measures 12 x 16 inches.

'If Wishes Were Horses'
Bye for now
Cee :o)

Saturday, 27 August 2016

I'm Dreaming of a White Autumn...

Oh dear, what can the matter be?
Think I got lost at the fair...:) more excuses, autumn is beginning her waft past the trees and I'm longing for pumpkins.
My wish would be to buy some white ones locally, (there's little hope growing them here, too many critters with designs on them), but sadly, it is a struggle to find a decent orange one in this area...'sigh'...
So, I had this great idea (great, in my head at least) of painting some white ones.
Then the, 'wouldn't it be cool to put them on white linen?' voice chirped in and I rummaged through my stash of white lacy things and set up a still life corner and started to paint some broderie anglaise...sigh...

First shading of the linen.

What was I thinking?
No, this wouldn't be cool at all, voice in my head, you are sadistic and I don't want to play with you anymore!
Still, I had begun at least, so no turning back I guess...
Who knew there were so many little holes in the fabric...strange how much you scrutinise objects when you paint them.
Pity the life nudes when artists are taking in every little curve and crevice ;)
Time seems to move very slowly but then the little holes begin to look like little holes...

More shading and highlights.
The pumpkin is another matter altogether, you think, ha, pumpkins are just fat round blobs with sticks on the top...
Well, yes that's true, but it doesn't sit nicely on top of old linen, they jar too much.
This pumpkin has to look refined and lady-like.
A big old fat slob of a squash won't do, not in this setting.

Trying to make the ugly stalk look pretty...

Time away from the paintings for a while...and guess what?
I found some more linen and the sadistic voice in my head said, 'Hey, that would make a nice painting'...sigh...and hang head... we go again with some more fabric but this one doesn't have holes, it has embroidery :o)
Here's a pic of them sitting next to each other on my cluttered work table...maybe it's just me but I'm sure they are smirking...

Pair of  pumpkins :o)

At least they each found a friend...:o)
When they are both fully dry, I'll varnish them and get them ready for their autumn glory...
Or maybe I'll get distracted by some lovely linens and start another painting...
Squirrels are nothing compared to old linens believe me.
Although these pumpkins would be useless for a pie, they might last a little longer?
Now, looking at that messy table, maybe it's time for an autumn tidy up.
I may be some till then...
May your pumpkins be merry and bright, and may all your Halloweens be white...
-Cee xx