Friday, 4 March 2016

Waiting For Jack

(I know that not many people will read this but that should never stop anyone...:o) )

I thought that I would share some of my paintings and their progress, it also does me good to see how they look on-line, the colours change so dramatically that sometimes they no longer feel like my goes the gentle...
Pumpkin Patch

This painting was done to honour a friend who passed away at the beginning of February, she was called Tammy and was an amazing artist.

Tammy had a studio called 'Light and Shadow' so I thought the painting should represent these ideas.
We also had an Ehag Emporium theme of Light and Shadow for Tammy, so this fit nicely.

This is painted in oils on canvas paper, I don't have the space for lots of large artwork, so most of my paintings are A4 size, this is also easier to scan!
Tammy made many pumpkin creations, so naturally the painting needed a pumpkin!
And, of course, every Faerie wanted to join in, so it was hard to chose just one, but this lady seemed to speak to me and so she was posed on the pumpkin...

Hand on Heart
I was thinking of Tammy while I painted her, how quickly things can change, just how much we can miss out on if we let ourselves.
I think that if one positive thing can come out of Tammy's death it is this...
We should grasp every moment, make the time matter, don't let things slip away because we are afraid...and make as much Art as we can, so that when we are no longer here, we have something which tells the world, that we were here, that we did something, that we left something for others to enjoy...
After all...Art is long and Life is short...

Waiting For Jack