Wednesday, 13 August 2014

In memory of E. H. Steele

 Among some of my Victorian photographs there is one which I found so poignant that it slipped into my dreams.
The dreams were a little sad as I thought about how short some lives are and of the sadness for those we leave behind.
This made me think about a loved one, grieving, which in turn led to the creation of  Mistress Lillian, a Gothic Bride Doll, who sadly, never got to marry her beloved. (Photo's of Lillian will be shown in another post)

The reverse of the photograph says this...

'E. H. Steele, Townsend
Killed by a fall from a cliff near Montreux
Aug. 10 1864-
aged 24

This carte given to me by his dear mother.'

Really, if I had tried to imagine a sadder tale for my doll I do not think I could have found one.
Twenty four is so young it is just so tragic.
I cannot find any more information about this person (and I have tried) so all I am left with is this little photograph of his face peering through the years back at us...a moment caught in time.

I do hope that he does not mind me making Lillian for him.
At least now, his story is not altogether forgotten...


beverly e said...

I followed your pixel trail over from Oma Linda's blog... I'm so glad I did. What a talented artist you are!

Old photographs intrigue me, too. As you said, they are little moments, frozen in time. E.H. Steele was quite handsome and I'm sure he would be delighted with the
lovely bride and story you created for him. Can you imagine what he, and others of that era, would think of computers and the internet? They would be quite in awe, I'm sure.

Happy to have made your acquaintance!

Mistress Laudanum said...

Beverly, thank you!
It is lovely to 'meet' you :o)