Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Is It Weird To Love Potions?

This is just a little part of my 'Snape Cupboard' :o)

Is it weird to love potions?
I mean, to really love them?
I have a cabinet in my kitchen which my children call my 'Snape Cupboard' can't think why *wink * it has a lifetime's worth of potion and herb collecting in it.
I find it pleasing to just look at the bottles, all shapes and sizes, and the old labels and the gunk inside them...it's like turning on a magic switch...click!
I am now a fully-fledged wizard from the dark ages...well, maybe...

So, it just seems natural for me to add a little helper to the brew...
This is Mr Algernon Crowe, Scarecrow Wizard and Potion Master!
I shall only post one picture of him here as he is beginning to show off a little (he is taking over my facebook page!) Old Lace and Laudanum

No, I will not say Abracadabra!

I'm not sure if he is a help or a hindrance really but he is rather good company...
He likes to sing while he brews...he may dress like a Crow but he has the voice of a...Raven ;o)
Now, where have all of those crows gone?


Linda Wildenstein said...

You my dear are a treasure. Algernon is marvelous and I'm sure very good company as he looks as though he has great information to tell and techniques to share. I too love potions....but mine look a might more gentile and sissyfied. The Olde Bagg

Mistress Laudanum said...

You, my dear?
Did someone cast a spell over you then?
He he he....