Thursday, 19 April 2018

Bobbing Along...

I have been swimming with mermaids, you don't believe me?
Okay then, I will show you a little proof...
Well, I didn't have a camera so I couldn't take a real photo of them but I did have a sketchbook and pencils and scribbled a few pictures, that still counts doesn't it?
So then I wanted to paint one of them, as she was so cute, so that you can swim with her too...come on in, the water is lovely and warm :o)
I thought I would show some of the actual painting and how it changes as I work.
This is also proves how often I change my mind!

Here is the first scribbly dauby part, getting her on the canvas with acrylic paints.
This tail is horrid please paint me a different one!
That tail just had to go!
So, with a dib and and a swipe she was given a nice new one, and also a couple of chums would be nice don't you think? Thank you...

Much better, and someone to wrap my pink hair around too :o)

I've decided she should be part Seahorse so gave her a curly tail, I'm still working things out here, not too much detail, in case anything needs moving.

Have you forgotten about the yellow seahorse?

Deepening the colours and stated to add bubbles...lots of bubbles.
Also, more pink hair.
I then paint the second seahorse and add a few more bubbles, because there weren't enough.

Do I look a little dreamy-eyed now?

So there they are, bobbing along at the bottom of the sea.
It shows how much you can change your mind about a painting as the ideas filter through.
I like her tail much more this way and her friends are just so adorable, who doesn't love little seahorses?

The finished painting, now off the easel and scanned in.
It measures 12 x 16 inches.

'If Wishes Were Horses'
Bye for now
Cee :o)

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